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GingerTag is a simple, no-code, privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics.

You can integrate GingerTag on your website to get insights on your traffic and their behaviour in a clean, simple way, without compromising the privacy of your end users.

When using GingerTag, you have complete ownership of the data generated from your website. You can have them deleted or exported any time you want. Learn more about the data we collect here.

Here is why GingerTag is a better alternative to Google Analytics and others:

Simple Dashboard#

GingerTag offers all reporting in a single page dashboard. You can view all useful metrics like User count, Pageview count, Traffic trend, Traffic sources, User Countries, User Hardwares...etc in a single page. You can filter data in the dashboard, set date range, dig deep in to a specific page or an event, all without any menus or navigation.


GingerTag offers you the ability to track certain user actions like button clicks, form submissions, watching a video, etc. without writing additional code. Using GingerTag dashboard, you can type in the URL of your webpage and select the element you want to track.

In platforms like Google Analytics, one usually need to write custom javascript functions to achieve this.

Privacy Friendly#

GingerTag is built with privacy of your users in mind. We don't use any of the collected data other than for reporting. By switching to GingerTag, you are respecting your users privacy and not throwing them to ad-tech mafia. Learn more here here.