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Account and Billing

GingerTag bill you based on total number of pageviews.


Billing is made on account level. One account (created when you signup) can have multiple projects (websites) added under it. We bill you based on the total pageviews generated from all your projects.

We have the below plans based on tiers of pageviews.

  • Up to 10K Pageviews - $5/mo
  • Up to 100K Pageviews - $15/mo
  • Up to 500K Pageviews - $25/mo
  • Up to 1M Pageviews - $45/mo
  • Up to 5M Pageviews - $100/mo

If have more than 5M pageviews, please contact us for custom pricing. When you pay for a year you get 2 months free.

You need to select the plan based on your expected total pageviews.

If you exceed your quota during any month, we wont automatically upgrade you. We will send you a reminder email so you can evaluate and upgrade yourself.

Adding other users#

You can add other users to your account by giving their email address. There is no additional cost in adding more users to your account.

You should specify one of the below role when you add a user:

  • Staff : Can only view the analytics.
  • Editor Can also add projects, manage goals, funnel.