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Goals / Events

A goal is an action you expect your users to perform on your website. This can be anything like watching a video, clicking a button, submitting contact form, etc.

Goals / Events section list all your goals with their conversion rates. When a goal is clicked, the dashboard is filtered based on the users who has completed that goal. The Pages section will be the pages from where the goal was completed.

Configuring Goals#

In GingerTag you an configure Goals right from the dashboard by clicking Add new goal button from the Goals / Events section. You can pick the element from your web pages and get metrics on interactions with them. You don't need to send additional custom events from your code.

At the moment, you can select and track the below elements:

  • Button clicks
  • Link clicks
  • Form submissions
  • Video watches

Custom Events#

As mentioned in the event tracking section, you can send custom events to GingerTag. Those custom events are also shown in this section.

When you click on an event you can see the data you send along with the event.