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Key Metrics

Key metrics

You can see the key metrics of your website at the top of your dashboard. They are:

  • Users Rights Now: Users who interacted without your website in the last 2 minutes.
  • Users: Total unique users in the given time period.
  • Sessions: Total number of sessions in teh given period. A session is a users interaction with your website for a continuous period. If the users is inactive for 30 minutes, we considered that session as ended. If the user comes back later it is treated as a new session.
  • Pageviews: Total number of pageviews from all the users in the given time period.
  • Average time: Average time a user spend in your website in a single session.
  • Bounce rate: Percentage of sessions which are considered as bounce. A bounce session is one that stayed in your website for less than 30 seconds and did nothing other than viewing the page.