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GingerTag dashboard is designed to provide powerful reporting in a clean and simple way. You can get all useful insights in a single page, filter the data based on various parameters, set date range, dig deep in to specific pages and events.

Even though the dashboard is pretty straightforward, it is good to read this documentation so you don't miss useful finer details.

Default View#

By default the dashboard shows metrics and charts for all your traffic in the selected period. This includes:

Each of them are defined in detail in the above links.


You can filter data on the dashboard based on various filters.

  • Date Range: You can set the time period for the data on the dashboard. You can select predefined periods like

    • Today
    • Last Hour
    • Last 24 Hours
    • Last 30 Days
    • This Month
    • or also select custom date period.
  • UTM parameters: Filter by users who entered your website with UTM query params. Click on a UTM Campaign, UTM Source or UTM Medium from the Top Sources list to apply the filter.

  • Country: Clicking on a country in the Top Countries list will show data for users from that specific country only. When a country filter is applied the Countries list will now show the states.

  • Entry Page: Clicking on a path in the Entry Page tab in Pages will filter for users who arrived on your website through that page.

  • Exit Page: Clicking on a path in the Exit Page tab in Pages will filter for users who had their last page as the selected page.

  • Platform: You can also filter by specific Device Type, Operating System, Browser by clicking it from the Top Platforms list.

Specific Page#

You can see metrics for a specific page when you click the page from the Pages list.

  • Key metrics sections will be updated to show data for that particular page.
  • Trend chart will be for views on that page against users.
  • Page section will show visit count on variants of the page (query params and hash).
  • Goals section will be for goals made from that particular page.
  • Similarly Countries, Platforms and Source section will display count of users who belong to that category that visited the page.

Specific Event/Goal#

Similar to a specific page, you can also click on an event or a goal from the Top Events/Goals section and the dashboard will be updated accordingly.

Key metrics in this case will be Total Triggers, Unique Triggers, Conversion Rate...etc, depending on the selected events. The Goals/Events section will now display additional data related to the event/goal.

Note: Date range and other filters still apply when you select a specific page or an event.