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Getting Started

Installing GingerTag in your website take only a couple of minutes.


You need to create an account with us before you can add websites. You only need one account to manage multiple website. You can also invite other users to the view the metrics on website you created.

We bill you on the account level against the total number of pageview generated from all your projects.

Create Account

You would need to confirm your email address to complete the registration.

Adding Project#

After registration you will be prompted with a form to add a project (website). All you need is to give the root URL (including https://) of the website and a name (for your reference).

Add project

By default GingetTag will only collect hits coming from and

If you need to accept requests from other subdomains like, you need to tick the checkbox saying Allow requests from all subdomains. This can cause your analytics data to mess up in some cases though. In the dashboard you see pageviews against relative paths like /, /home...etc. If two of your subdomains had same path, then the combined views will be show and you wont be able to know which subdomain send how many.

It would be best to add different websites or web-apps under one domain as separate projects. For example:,,

We dont charge anything for adding more number of projects. Billing is always based on total pageviews.

Note: Request coming against your projectId from other hostnames are descarded. This is useful to prevent requests from localhost while you are developing.


After adding a project in GingerTag you will be provided with the script you need to install on your website.

Integrate GingerTag Analytics

This is a simple Javscript tracking code that you need to place in the <head> tag of all the pages you want track. Basically it means you need to place in your Header component or template.

Our tracking script in loaded in non-blocking asyncronous manner, is very light-weight compare to GA. We also serve the script from CDN powered by AWS. This will not significantly affect the performance or loading time of your webpages.

You can see traffic data in GingerTag dashboard after in a few seconds after the integration. You can visit various pages in your website yourselves to see if the tracker is installed properly.