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What we collect

GingerTag is focused on privacy of end users in mind. We will never collect any personal information, nor sell or share any of the data we collected. More importantly, we only collect what is needed for reporting. Nothing extra.

Important Note:

  • You have complete ownership of the data collected from your website. You can have it deleted any time.
  • We cannot track a user to their physical identity based on the information we collect and store.
  • We cannot identify same users across multiple sites using GingerTag.
  • We do not use Cookies or Local Storage in our collection process.
  • No data collected is send to any third parties for processing.

Here is a break down of the data points we collect and how we use it for reporting.

Page URL#

We collect the URL of the pages a user visits in your website. This is used for counting total pageviews and also to populate the Pages section.

If the URL contains UTM parameters like utm_source, utm_campaign, or ref, they are extracted and stored separately. This is used for reporting in Sources section.

Page Duration#

Our script can measure how long a user has been on your page with a great degree of accuracy. We collect this data when the user navigate to another page or closes the tab.

We also send a randomly generated id for each Page View and Page Close event to group them.

Document Referrer#

When a user lands on your website from another website (by following a link), browser set a propertly on global document object called referrer. This will contain the URL of the page that contained the link to your website.

We collect this value to identify your traffic sources. They are showing in the Sources section.

IP Address (Anonymized)#

We use the IP address of the user to determine their country and state.

However, IP address in raw format is a personally identifying information. So we anonymize the IP address (remove last three digits) before processing. Neither Actual IP or the anonymized version is stored in our database.

User Agent#

When browsers send request to a server, they set a HTTP Header called User Agent. This will contain information (not personal) about the device the user is using.

We use this to identify the Operating System, Browser, and the type of the device. This is shown in the Platforms section of the dashboard.


We store the time when an even hit our server. This is used for calculating metrics in selected date-ranges.

User Events#

As mentioned before, GingerTag can collect certain user actions like Button clicks, Form submissions. If you configure these in the dashboard, we will track those actions and collect them.

We also capture the data you send in the custom events. You need to make sure you don't send any personal information (like email address) in the event data.