Privacy Policy

This policy is effective from Sept 10, 2020.

Policy for website

This section refers to the privacy policy of website. website does not collect any of your personal information when you are browsing this website. No information will be sold or used to sell ads. We also do not use any cookies.

When you signup for GingerTag as a customer, we ask for your details like your name, email website..etc. The amount of data collected is minimal and is only used for serving you. We will never sell of share these details with anybody, nor monetize in any other way.
We use third party services for billing and subscription management, if or when you signup for our paid plans. We use a third party email provider Mailjet to send you emails about account signup, password reset, etc.

This website ( use GingerTag analytics and some information is captured to understand our traffic data, in a privacy friendly manner. This is in accordance with privacy policy of data captured on websites using GingerTag analytics as mentioned below.

Policy on data collected

This section refers to privacy policy on data collected from websites using GingerTag analytics. This also applied to website since we use our own analytics.

Data captured from websites using GingerTag is kept minimal and without compromising the privacy of the visitors. If the visitor has Do not track browser setting turned on, then no events from that particular user will be tracked.

  • IP address of the user is anonymized and cross checked with our database to detect the country. We do not store actual IP address of the user. Anonymized version of IP address is eventually discarded after processing.
  • We store some randomly generated ids in browser local storage to differentiate new visitor from an existing visitor.
  • We capture metrics like browser user agent and screen resolution to understand the device type and operating system. We also capture http referrer to understand where the traffic is coming from.

All these information is captured and stored only to understand the traffic source and patterns. These data is processed as a whole in general, and ideally, none of these data can be used to track back to the individual user.